Wedding day hair

You’ve put a lot into planning your wedding, from the wedding dress to the wedding cake, and everything in between. As your big day approaches, you want to look perfect from head to toe. The toe part is easy – get a pedicure! Here are some tips for the head (aka – hair) part!

  • Decide if you want an up-do or if you want to let your hair down. Look through magazines and websites to see what you like.
  • Check with your stylist to see if they specialize in wedding styles. If not, then you may want to do research on some other local stylists. Get a referral from your stylist as well as referrals from friends or your wedding planner.
  • After you find a wedding stylist have them do a trial run. Take along pictures of the style you’ve found that you like. A trial run is very important for several reasons. First, to make sure the stylist you chose can do the style you want. Second, the style may look good on the model in the magazine, but once you have it done on you it may not look right with your face shape or with the neckline of your dress. It’s better to find this out a few weeks before the wedding rather than the morning of the wedding!
  • When you go for the trial run take several pictures with you – your first choice and then a second (and possibly even third) choice. Any good stylist should be able to tell you up front if your first choice of hairstyle will look good on your face shape or not.
  • Take your veil and accessories (earrings, necklace, etc.) along to your trial run to make sure the style works with them.
  • Take lots of pictures at the trial run so you and your stylist can remember exactly what it looked like.
  • If you’re not happy with your style, tell your hair stylist as soon as possible. Don’t hide it from them. It’s your big day and they want you to be happy. Most likely they can do a few little tweaks and get it how you want it.
  • Whatever type of hairstyle you choose to go with, make sure you are comfortable with it.
  • After your trial run, if you can, try on your dress to make sure the whole look works!


Here are some tips for your wedding day:

  • Wear a button down or zippered top on your wedding morning when you go to get your hair and makeup done. This will be much easier than pulling a shirt off over your hair. There’s nothing worse than trying to maneuver out of a small neck hole while keeping your tresses intact!
  • If you’re getting an up-do, don’t wash your hair that morning. Hair that is a day or two old will hold styles better. Freshly washed hair won’t hold curls as well or tease as well.
  • If the rest of your look is simple, consider using a hair accessory such as a flower or sophisticated headband. This can add some high drama to your look. However, don’t go overboard. If you are wearing a statement necklace or an elaborate dress, skip the hair accessory as it may draw attention away from the other piece.

Now relax and have fun during this special time! Happy planning!

Wedding Tips for A Blended Family

blended family second marriageMost people know they’ve fallen madly in love when they’ve spent enough time around their partner to feel comfortable, safe, and loved in return. But what happens when there are other feelings to take into account other than just the two of yours? A blended family may face certain challenges other relationships won’t, including how to take the next step in the relationship when you’d like to tie the knot!

First, let’s cover what a blended family is. A blended family is a couple who is together who also has children from previous relationships and perhaps the current relationship.

The Stylish Occasions team works with a wide variety of couples, and we want to celebrate the blended families we’ve worked with. If you and your partner are working to weave together your families seamlessly, we’ve compiled some advice for what to do when creating your unique wedding ceremony. 

We’re assuming by this point, you’ve either met your partner’s kids or you’ve introduced your partner to your kids (if not, check out this helpful article on how to meet your partner’s kids).

Keep the Kids in the Loop 

Nothing will make the kids feel more left out and alienated than not being included in the wedding plans. They need to be made to feel secure and valued, and that includes on the wedding day. It’s a busy, stressful day for everyone, including them, so be sure to clue them in to what’s going on and what their role will be the day of the wedding.

Document Your Love (ALL of Your Love!)

blended family second marriage

This couple decided to give puzzle piece key chains to their kids during the ceremony to commemorate them coming together as a new family.

Depending on how old the kids are, ask them to be a part of your engagement photos. Have fun together as a family goofing around and taking photos. When you get your proofs back, pick one and order a print (or several, or better yet: create an album together!) to hang up in your home. It will serve as a constant reminder you’re all in this together and excited for the future. Share your photographs in real life with your loved ones!

Let Them Shine

It can be easy to get caught up in the love you have for your partner and your excitement at starting a new life together, and that is TOTALLY acceptable! It is your wedding, and you should be throwing in some elements that feel like YOU.

Just don’t forget to let the kids have some time to shine on the day of the wedding!

Here are some simple ways to let the kids creativity shine to create a perfect blended family wedding ceremony:

  1. Let them contribute to the playlist! They’ll love hearing their song come on during the reception and getting to dance to it.
  2. Get them to help you DIY your decorations. Put your kids to work if they are the crafty-type!
  3. Let them pick a piece (or all) of their attire for the wedding day.
  4. Let your kids pick some menu items if they are foodies! We’ve seen some weddings do a late night French-fry bar for guests, and it was a huge hit with young and old.

There’s so many ways to make sure your kids are included on the day of the wedding. Get creative!

Acknowledge Your Blended Family During Your Ceremony

blended family second marriage

This couple had a sand ceremony with sand for each of them as well as the groom’s son to pour during the ceremony to signify them blending together.

Depending on the ages of the kids, you’ll have to get creative with how you incorporate your blended family into your wedding ceremony. If you have an older child, maybe put him or her in charge of the rings. Some of our families have had a family prayer circle during the ceremony, or have planted a tree as a ceremony to show unity in their family. Pick something special to you, your partner, and your kids.

Through the planning process, don’t forget to carve out time for just the two of you. It’s important to invest in one another so you can invest in your family.


The StylishO Team wants to hear from you! Do you have a blended family? What suggestions would you give to those getting married who will be bringing together two families?

Electronic Save the Dates – Yay or Nay?

In this day and age of technology, almost everyone has a smart phone, or at least a computer. Because of this many of our couples ask us if it’s ok for them to send Save the Dates electronically.

Before deciding whether you are going to send them electronically or if you are going to send printed Save the Dates, here are some things to consider:


save the date

Love this simple yet beautiful Save the Date from Paperless Post. This can be sent electronically or printed. And you can customize the colors!

While your Save the Dates don’t need to match your wedding invitations, Save the Dates do give your guests a clue as to the formality of the wedding. If you are having a black tie wedding then you may want to skip the electronic version and opt for a printed one. If your wedding is a little more laid back, then by all means go with an electronic Save the Date!

Cost and convenience

save the date

Love this Save the Date, also form Paperless Post, because you can put three photos in. Sometimes it’s hard to choose just one!

Electronic Save the Dates are often a much lower cost than printed (there are even some free ones but they are not usually as customizable). Plus, you don’t have to pay for the postage! And they save you time…no stuffing envelopes or putting on stamps. They can also be sent out much quicker since you don’t have to wait for them to be printed and shipped to you.

Email isn’t always reliable

save the date

Here’s a cute Save the Date we love from GreenVelope.

One downfall of electronic Save the Dates is that emails can sometimes get sent to a guest’s spam folder. Or you may not have their current email address. You may need to do a little more research to ensure you do have everyones correct email addresses. Also, keep in mind some guests (i.e. grandparents) may not have email!


save the date

Check out this cute Kate Spade designed Save the Date on Paperless Post! Again, the colors can be changed to match your colors.

When you send a printed Save the Date it will often get hung on your guest’s refrigerator. An electronic version can’t do this and once they are read they may be forgotten about.

On the other hand, some people immediately throw away the printed Save the Dates which ends up being a waste of money for you.


There is no right or wrong answer as to whether you should send printed or electronic Save the Dates. You’ll have to take into account the details of your own wedding. If you do decide for electronic, some of our favorite sites are Paperless Post, GreenVelope, and Evite.


We’d love to hear your thoughts and what you did!

Choosing Your Bridal Party: 6 Quick Tips

wedding bridal partyWeddings involve decisions. A lot of them. From cake to food to attire, your head will spin with joy and perhaps a touch of stress. The one selection impacting the trajectory of the day might not be what you think… choosing your bridal party will be a big decision and will ultimately impact your day directly!

You can take a few steps to ensure you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing your bridal party.

Nail Down What Exactly You Want

fall weddingLet’s get this point out of the way: while there are some things that are considered wedding traditions, like the cake cutting or bouquet toss, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that is set in stone. That includes bridal parties.

Maybe you’re gung-ho about having a huge bridal party with twelve attendants surrounding you. Having those twelve people around you may be a dream come true…For someone else, that scene would be enough to send them into a panic attack.

Ask yourself this simple question: do I want a bridal party? If you’re voting no to the bridal party, then you can stop reading here and go grab a coffee or something. But if you do want attendees, you have a bit more to think about.

Consider Your Options

groom and groomsmenWhen it comes to the wedding, there is really only one question you have to ask yourself to figure out who you want in your bridal party: who do I want standing beside me as I marry the love of my life?

Siblings, friends, and other family members usually make up the bridal party. Don’t forget to select a flower girl or ring bearer if you are going that route. You can throw tradition to the wind on this one, like this bride did when she invited her grandmas to be the flower girls!

Be sure to choose people you can have fun with like the groom and his best man in this photo!

Have That Internal Debate

church wedding ceremonyWhere selecting your bridal party gets tricky is when there’s not a clear-cut line on who to ask. Maybe you have three sisters, but you really only are super close with one. Or what if your partner has siblings, and you’re unsure if they should be in your bridal party? How do you navigate this situation?

The selections for the bridal party are difficult! Take your time and think it through. There is no right or wrong answer. If you value a person’s opinion, definitely take it. If you feel like you can’t make a decision without really hurting someone’s feelings, consider having a group of friends you get ready with and only one attendant to stand up with you.

Consider Your Prospective Bridal Party’s Responsibilities

bride bridesmaidsWhile you might think you’re doing your best friend an honor by inviting her to be in your bridal party, it might be enough to push her over the edge if she is swamped with other life happenings.

Before you extend the invitation, think about your friends’ other obligations. Yeah, you may want your best college friend to be at your engagement party, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and wedding and to be your Maid of Honor… BUT if she just had another kiddo, is finishing law school, working part-time and lives across the country, chances are, being in your bridal party will just want to make her rip her hair out (unless she already feels that way… then it will just magnify that feeling).

There are responsibilities that go with being a bridal party member, so try not to bequeath that responsibility to just anyone.

Realize Bridal Party Sides Do Not Need To Be Even

wedding bridal party

Marshay and Mike opted to have a “man of honor” and “best woman”.

Often times the bride and groom don’t have the same number of close friends or siblings. Don’t fear…there’s no need to have the same number on each side. Rather than just picking random friends to fill in, just go with your gut and choose your closest friends, even if you do end up with 3 more bridesmaids than groomsmen.

Also, we’ve been seeing a lot of couples incorporate both men and women on each side rather than keeping it traditional with only female bridesmaids and male groomsmen. If you’re a bride and your best friend is male, there’s no reason you can’t have him be your man of honor!

Spell Out Your Expectations… Even If You Don’t Have Any

bridal party

Carly and Keith decided to have a small bridal party with a best man and maid of honor.

One of the biggest concerns we hear from our brides is, “I don’t want to be a Bridezilla!” And that’s totally understandable. Demanding is much different than requesting politely, and we’re glad you understand the difference. But did you know being indecisive and TOO laid back is also grounds for creating rifts in the bridal party?

You may be okay with the bridesmaids wearing whatever, but be sure to give them SOME direction. You have to have at least some type of opinion. Otherwise, confusion will ensue. You could end up with a bridesmaid in puke green, too, if you let them have free reign. Tread carefully with being too demanding AND too laid-back.


What are your concerns with choosing your bridal party? Comment below to fill us in, and we’ll give you some advice!


Wedding Planner vs Wedding Coordinator part 2

wedding plannerMany people have heard the terms wedding planner and wedding coordinator but aren’t sure of the difference. Last week we discussed what a wedding coordinator does. Today we will discuss what a wedding planner does!

Wedding Planner

If you are one of those couples that has a full time job, hobbies, and friends and family you like to spend time with then you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner. According to a study done by Wedding Paper Divas, 47% of couples spent 1 to 9 hours a week planning their wedding while 40% spent 10 to 15 hours a week! That’s like having a part time job!

A wedding planner is often hired shortly after you become engaged. A wedding planner often helps from start to finish, from finding you the perfect wedding venue all the way to making sure your wedding day runs smoothly. Sometimes couples have already chosen their wedding venue before hiring us but often they have not yet.

Wedding planners will put together a budget for you, find you the perfect vendors that not only fit your budget but also your style and personality, we help you find your dream wedding dress, help find the right DJ or band to keep your guests dancing at your wedding reception, find you the florist that can make all your Pinterest dreams come true, and much more. A wedding planner helps narrow down vendors for you to meet with so you don’t have to go through the 500+ (I’m not kidding…check it out) wedding photographers you find on The Knot! We get to know what you’re looking for and find it for you.

A wedding planner will put together a planning timeline for you so you know when to book your photographer, caterer, hair and makeup artist, all the way to what to do the weeks leading up to the big day. And we keep you on track with the planning.

Any time you have a question or need advice you can call, text, or email your wedding planner. Basically we become your BFF during your wedding planning process.

In addition to all of the above, a wedding planner will do everything a wedding coordinator will do. We put together the wedding day timeline, confirm all of the vendors, direct the wedding rehearsal, and are there on the wedding day to ensure things run smoothly.


Did you hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator for your wedding? Was it worth it? We’d love to hear your thoughts!